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Title: How To Use Upgrade Tool For Flash Firmware Smart Phone Android
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To day Update-gsm is the instructions for how to use Smart Phone Upgrade Tool to flash stock firmwa...

To day Update-gsm is the instructions for how to use Smart Phone Upgrade Tool to flash stock firmware on some smartphone androids.
Remember: your device have to batterry 30%-50% to flashing process.

How To Use Smart Phone Upgrade Tool:

1.Download Driver USB and Smart Phone Upgrade Tool. Download Here
Then, Extract File And Istall Driver USB on your Computer.

2. Then, you have to install the Smart Phone Upgrade Tool on your computer.

3. your Androide Devide must Power Off.

4. Download the stock firmware that you want to flash on your Android device and extract it on your computer.

5.Then, Open Upgrade Tool on you computer.

6. Once Upgrade Tool is launched, Click on Browse Button and select the File .Xml from the firmware folder ( you must find file .xml in the firmware folder that you download ).

7. Once you have successfully added the file .xml in the Upgrade Tool, proceed to the next Step.

8. Then, Connect your Android Device to the computer ( make sure it is power off and press the Volume up and Down to gether, connect the phone to the computer at the same time).

9. Once you have successfully added the android device to the computer then smart phone Upgrade Application will detect it and show the port number.

10. Then, Click on the start All Button to begin the Flashing Process.

11. Now, Smart Phone Upgrade Application will flash the Stock firmware on your android Device.

12. Once Flashing is complated, you will be able to see Green 100% Download Successfully Status.

13. Then, close Upgrade Tool and disconnect your android device from the computer.
congratulations, Now your Android Device is successfully running the stock rom you have downloaded.

* you can follow the above tutorial to flash all types of MTK firmware wich comes with 3 file .xml

* Take Backup: Take a phone backup before using the smart phone upgrade Tool as because during the flashing process your personal data will be removed.

My Udated-Gsm will show New Tool For flash firmware to everyone ......................!!!!!

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